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Status: 2022-08-12


Policy Rules are bonded to a specific Controller::Method().

If a rule is detected for the requested method, the static Methods which are defined below will be executed then.

This allows you to seperate Access Control from your Controllers.

Create a config file "policy.php"

  • globally in /config/ folder
  • or in your module's config folder /modules/{moduleName}/etc/config/{moduleName}/config/

See /configuration/ for more Information.
Inside this file you define your policies.


$aConfig['MVC_POLICY'] = array(

    // The matching Class
    // (do no use leading slashes for Controller Names)
    'Foo\\Controller\\Index' => array(

        // the matching method
        'home' => array(

                // What to call
                // (do no use leading slashes for Controller Names)
            ,   'Foo\\Policy\\Example::test2'